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Commercial Canopies

Custom, Modular, Pre-Engineered, and Prefabricated Canopy Solutions

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san francisco Commercial Canopies

FCP San Francisco Commercial Canopies enhance the architecture of any building, as well as provide valuable protection against natures harsh elements. Entrance canopies provide shade and help cool interior spaces, which can lower energy costs, and they protect people and assets against rain, hail, and snow.

San Francisco Commercial Canopies are an economical solution for transforming otherwise plain buildings into an eye-catching and welcoming environments. Let us show you how we can add value to your building with a custom FCP steel canopy designed specifically for your application.

FCP Steel Entrance Canopies
FCP Entrance Canopies provide valuable protection from the elements, enhances the buildings architecture, and adds property value.

Creative Steel Canopy Solutions

America’s “Best-Built” Industrial Suspended Steel Canopy Systems for Commercial Applications

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  • Suspended Canopy System for Any Substrate
  • Industrial Strength Steel Won’t Rot or Warp
  • Fully Welded Structural Facia and Corner Seams
  • Internal Drainage System Keeps Entrances Dry
  • 4 Foot Canopy Projection From Building Wall
  • Modular 10′ Sections Combine to Span Any Length
  • Prefabricated (Partially Assembled) Saves Field Labor
  • Delivered Paint Ready to Match Your Own Custom Color
  • International and Local Building Code Compliant

Suspended Steel Canopies

Suspended entrance canopies for any building application including commercial, industrial, professional, education, healthcare, public, and government applications.

Industrial Strength Steel

FCP steel entrance canopies provide unmatched strength and durability to standup to extreme weather conditions like heavy wind and snow loads, they won’t warp, or rot.

Custom Design/Engineering

FCP custom canopies are engineered to match the shape of your new or existing building, and delivered paint ready to match your own custom paint color.

Modular, Prefabricated

FCP industrial canopies extend 4′ from building wall. 10′ sections can be combine to span any length. Prefabricated and delivered partially assembled (some field assembly required) saves labor, reduces site disruption, and theft.

Best in Class Service

FCP’s “Concept to Completion” provides total support from project estimating to installation. We strive to keep every project on schedule and on budget.

san francisco Commercial Canopy Inspiration Gallery

It’s easy to see why our Experience means a better one for you!
FCP Suspended Entrance Canopy Detail
FCP Industrial Steel Building Canopies

Enhance the look of your building while protecting people and property assets from the elements

America’s “Best Built” Steel Canopies

san francisco Commercial Canopies for Industrial/Commercial Applications

Suspended Canopies enhance the look of your building and increase property value while providing valuable protection from the elements.

Custom Design

New or Existing Construction


Every FCP Canopy is Building Code Compliant


Combine Sections to Span Any Length


Ready to Install Saves Valuable Field Labor

Creative Steel Solutions

Suspended Steel Canopies

FCP uses only high-tensile strength materials that exceed industry standards, affording you safety and longevity that go further for your dollar. Because FCP industrial suspended steel canopies are customized to your size and application requirements, our designs are cost-efficient, and you get precisely what you want without paying for needless extras. Pre-fabrication equates to rapid installation that won’t stall your ongoing operations. It’s the quality and convenience you’ve come to expect from the FCP brand.

Since 1982, FCP has been an industry leader in Suspended Steel Canopies. We love a challenge and welcome projects of all sizes, so if you’re looking for America’s best-built Creative Steel Structures, then you’ve come to the right place.

Let’s Build Something Great Together!

We can engineer any Suspended Steel Canopy to meet the form and function requirements of your most challenging project applications.