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FCP’s modular Suspended Steel Canopy system is revolutionizing the way in which industrial building canopies are built. This innovative prefabricated quick-ship solution simplifies and streamlines the construction process saving extensive field labor and resources.

FCP Canopies, a division of FCP Inc., known for their innovation in steel fabrication, is excited to announce their modular Suspended Steel Canopy system. Its prefabricated design specifically addresses the construction industry’s need for a ready-to-ship, fast installation, suspended steel canopy product for commercial and industrial building applications.

In the world of architecture and construction, building canopies play a crucial role in not only protecting patrons and property assets but also enhancing the overall aesthetic value of a structure. Traditionally, constructing steel building canopies has been a time-consuming and complex process requiring extensive labor and resources.

However, with the introduction of FCP’s modular suspended steel canopy system, this game-changing development has revolutionized the way in which canopies are built. This innovative quick-ship prefabricated solution streamlines the construction process. Building owners, construction teams, and contractors alike will quickly appreciate the efficiency and field labor savings.

The primary benefit of FCP’s modular suspended steel canopy system is its efficiency and speed in construction. As a prefabricated solution, it eliminates the need for on-site fabrication, thereby reducing construction time significantly. Each modular section is available in various widths and depths and can combine to span any length. The steel suspended support rods can be attached to any building surface.

FCP’s suspended entrance canopies provide shade and help cool interior spaces, which can lower energy costs, and they protect people and assets against rain, hail, and snow. They prove to be a quick and efficient way to add suspended canopies to building entrances, walkways, windows, and loading docks.

“Our mission at FCP has always been to provide our customers with superior innovative products that combine functionality, aesthetics, and efficiency” said Stuart Wilson, Product Manager at FCP Canopies. “This line of FCP Suspended Steel Canopies embodies that mission perfectly. Not only are our suspended canopies built to last, but they’re also designed to impress.”

FCP Suspended Canopies are crafted from high-quality galvanized steel with fully welded structural fascia and corner seams. They have an internal drainage system to keep entrances dry, and they are compliant with local and international building codes.

About FCP:

FCP Canopies is a division of FCP Inc., a leading provider of innovative steel solutions since 1982. Known for their expertise and commitment to quality, FCP offers a wide range of American made steel product fabrication services to meet the diverse needs of clients across various industries. By constantly pushing the boundaries of design and technology, FCP has built its reputation as America’s “Best-Built” creative steel solutions.

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